Rexx code

--> Here are some Rexx programs. 2015.06.02 new: mp32md and ipod2lst 2016.10.18 corrected decrypt link

first.rexpgmFirst Entry.
72.rexpgmConvert a long text file to line length 72.
compaxx.rexpgmCompare two (text) files line by line.
csv2txt.rexpgmConvert a csv file to a text file (columns aligned).
decrypt.rexpgmDecode an encoded file using the key phrase used.
encrypt.rexpgmEncode a file using a key phrase.
exists.rexfunCheck if a specified file exists.
fn.rexfunReturn file name.
fore.rexfunDetermine if a program runs in the forground.
host.rexfunDetermine if a program runs on the host.
ipod2lst.rexpgmList the contents of an IPOD.
mp32md.rexpgmExtract meta data from an mp3 file.
MusicList.rexpgmList mp3 files with metadata contained in a folder.
pryn.rexfunPrompt for Y or N.
safecrea.rexfunSafe file creation tool.
safecrea2.rexfunSafe file creation tool with append option.
wordsort.rexfunSort a list of words.